Month: September 2020

The Upfiring Dapp: Full-Scale Project Launch, Upfiring 1.2.2 Dapp Release & Upcoming Events for 2020

Podcast: How Russia’s everything company works with the Kremlin

ICYMI – Episode 20 – Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions & Share Cool Stuff

BBC reverses decision to end Red Button text services

Mitch McConnell throws cold water on Democrats $2.2 trillion stimulus plan, calling it outlandish and too high

Everything Google announced in its September event, with the new Pixel 5, Chromecast & smart speaker–n8/google-pixel-5-chromecast-remote-phone-nest-smartspeaker-launch-recap-2020-9

YouTube has 4K videos, but YouTube TV doesnt offer 4K streaming — heres what you need to know